survival tour 2008

Survival Tour manager Mary Powys, Royal Parks Foun

All the people that contributed to our success

When the creators meet the investors

The Survival Tour Team

Approaching the wild animal with care

Cass Stainton learning mahoutship skills

Mark Shand, Sarah Lom and Deborah Meaden

Mark Shand & Deborah Meaden

Moving the stag

The team that made the Survival a huge success

Giggling girls with chains

Sightseeing with JPM Eco-Logistics

The elephants sightseeing in London

Still sightseeing - Clarence house this time

More sightseeing... always with JPM Eco-Logistics

The arrival at Clarence House

On the way to Clarence House's garden

Everybody gives a hand

The storm goes away

The herd arrives at Selfridges

Moving into position

The Tusker put into position

Unloading an elephant - Selfridges

A unique shopping experience

The elephants looking for a new handbag

The BBC filming the elephants'arrival

Happy but exhausted...

The Duchess of York opening Christmas at Selfridge

The Duchess of York dates an elephant!

The elephants with a very special friend

Eco Logisitics, elephants and London!

Double take!

Discovering the tusker in St James's Park


Curious giraffes at FOTA Wildlife Park

The giraffes say hello

Discovering a baby elephant

Lemurs at FOTA Wildlife Park

Waiving goodbye to the giraffes

Lemurs made friends very quickly

School boys on the biggest tusker

School children helping to install the herd

A quick visit to the pub

Mother and baby visiting beautiful Clonakilty

The herd looking at the sea

Mother and baby at Clonakilty's post office

One of the most impressive members of the herd

The Mayor of Clonakilty and Mary Powys

Mary Powys with her little helpers

Waiting for a ride to visit beautiful Clonakilty

The Model Railway Village (Clonakilty)

Calling the rest of the herd to discover beautiful

On Emmet Square

The biggest tusker with little friends

Baby elephants visiting Timoleague Abbey

En route for the London Eye

Joe shaping

Tusker facing the sea

Babies eles ready to shop

On the way to completion

13 elephants frames have been constructed and are waiting to be clad.