Get involved!

There are many ways you can help us open up wildlife corridors.

  • Visit the survival tour herd. Pack a picnic and bring the family! Talk to our friendly survival tour team to find out how we can manage our space around the globe to protect wildlife. Discover how we are restoring the elephants' long-lost migratory routes.

  • Donate to the survival tour and help us secure a vital wildlife corridor in Kerala.

  • Come to our events organized by elephant family, the Royal Parks Foundation and the World Land Trust.

  • Buy land through our "turf for turf" offer: visit us on-site and for your £10 donation, we'll give you a patch of land (in the shape of an artificial turf tile) as a souvenir to remind you of the piece of corridor you've helped us secure.

  • Date an elephant. The perfect gift which supports Asian elephants and delivers a lot of love in return, all through the year.

  • Love a duck. It's the best way to show you care for the Royal Parks.

  • Hold your own event and fundraise for our elephant corridor through a personalized sponsorship page.
Pops McCarthy and an elephant in Clonakilty

"Pops" McCarthy and a little runaway in Clonakilty's legendary pub.