Thank you. We'll never forget how...

The Duchess of Cornwall loved our elephant hedges
In 2006, so we made ourselves pledges

To give them a stage in 2007
The Royal Parks Foundation opened the gates to our heaven.

'Twas as our Ruth Powys reached for her tea,
She suggested we install there an elephant - or three.

But the strongest reaction of Mark Shand, she incurred
We don't want just three, girl, we want a whole herd!

One set of trunks now set in motion,
Our supporter, Ben Goldsmith asked for our big picture solution.

Corridors! We cried. Secure them we must!
And there, in Vanity Fair, appeared the World Land Trust.

Trustee Lord Robin then conjured up wonderful Sara Lom
From Royal Parks Foundation, and bright ideas - she had some!

The Parks are London's corridor, for wildlife to cross
Our great, busy, city,
she said, without getting lost.

So together we created this Trunks Meet Trunks campaign
To get elephants and trees back on their feet again.

Our heads buzzing with corridors, we called up Topiary Steve,
Willow elephants, life-sized, a herd of them, please!

He designed, he innovated, he triumphed - you'll agree
We just needed sponsors to help with his fee.

Mark Shand, the man who gets things done,
Wouldn't rest 'til he'd found sponsors for every single one.

With telephone receiver always pressed to his ear,
Spreading passion for pachyderms, his mission is clear.

Through the park and a party, we are delighted to find
How much we can do to preserve trunks of all kinds

Thank you to everyone who has helped bring about
Trunks Meet Trunks - you are instrumental, have not a doubt.

To Sara, Clare, Hannah and all at Royal Parks Foundation
Especially Sally, whose patience drew our admiration.

To Kate at Halcyon Gallery, another high five
For that inspiring meeting and to where we've arrived.

To Ali Spencer-Churchill and our sponsors (see below),
To Peter, to Emma, who inspired with her glow.

To our headline sponsors who made real what we dreamt:
Sir Evelyn de Rothschild, Abercrombie & Kent,

Gayatri Devi, Her Royal Highness, Rajmata of Jaipur.
Names we are proud of, but wait, there are more!

David Tang, Lalit Modi, Arkie Busson
Isabel Goldsmith, Sunetra Atkinson, Olivia Harrison

Jonny Gallagher, Roddy Fleming, Hilary Weston
Paul Green and for his beautiful bronze, Mr Simon Gudgeon.

To Mr Vivek Menon for his work in the field:
So that India's wild habitat will one day be healed.

To Mister John Burton and his flamboyant belt
An emblem before him - like his blog, or an ace that is dealt.

To Kirsty and Edwina for taking the journey
To Kerala's land, to check we had an attorney!

To all at Quintessentially, you are lovely beyond rhyme
Here's to you, ensuring our sponsors have a good time.

To Lucy Yeomans, to Sara and also to Frances
Our elephants' style is enhanced wonderfully by Harpers

Who charmed artists to weave for us, in fabric and gold,
Sumptuous blankets; dreamed up so our story could be told.

To the Miller ladies, Sienna and her sister Savannah,
Julian MacDonald, Alice Temperley, Nicole Farhi, John Rocha.

To Ben de Lisi to Theo Fennell for his sparkling blanket
Our elephant family caparison created by those happy people at Planet.

Designers, we love you for letting us all have a peek
At you, just at the start of London Fashion Week.

Thanks to the gallants who stepped in for us
To transport elephant dung - the fragrant Ward Thomas

To the army of strongmen at Candy & Candy
Who heaved in our herd, they came in awfully handy.

To Bluefrog for keeping us from marketing crimes
And making us look cool on a budget of dimes.

To Giles and to Abi for jumping aboard
Spreading our Trunks' profile so our fame was assured.

Our volunteers are stars that sparkle all day
We owe them more thanks than we ever can say.

At elephant family, we toiled day in day out
We had days when we smiled and on others we'd just pout

Thank you Carly, you calmed the rest of us with your unflappable fringe
Thank you Kate and Marie, you stopped us coming unhinged
Thank you Ruth, to every crisis you brought the rosiest tinge!

Together we work daily so every man, woman and child
Can know Asian elephants are alive in the wild.

by Nikki Santilli,
editor, elephant family

Duchess of Cornwall

Ruth Powys


Sara Lom

Steve - Topiary

Steve - Topiary

Sally Barney